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    Originally posted by JB_Cloey View Post
    Blame Bellamy and the culture of playing as close to illegally as possible without regard for the spirit of the game or player safety. Totally disrespectful.

    He's the best coach that no decent football fan would have for their team.
    I blame the NRL. It's the role of a coach to test the boundaries (and any coach will do that).

    BUT... the NRL lets Bellamy do things like:
    - Coach players to do blatant strips (not his fault refs don't call it).
    - Hold on waaaaay too long (again, not his fault the refs are like 'TACKLED!!!!! [10 seconds pass] RELEASE!!!!'). He'll keep doing it unless they start blowing their regulation ref's whistle rather than Cam Smith's when this happens.
    - Intentionally go out of your way to pass the ball to an 'offside' tackler who is doing his best to get outta the way and is nowhere near any legitimate passing options.
    - Walk 2m forward (off the mark) for the specific purpose of playing the ball on top of the tackler (who has already rolled away).

    IMO Bellamy's a bit of a myth because:
    1. Against QLD in Origin, none of this kinda stuff was allowed.
    2. It's not really intelligent, it's just blatant cheating and if I tried coaching a U16's team to do it, nobody would be like 'oooh he is such an intelligent coach!!!' No, they'd be like 'loool that was so frigging stupid... PENALTY...focus on teaching them play the game properly!!'

    This isn't Bellamy's fault though. He doesn't ref games or set the NRL's agenda. He just gets away with what he can, like any coach... which ain't much unless he's coaching the Storm.


    It feels a bit like when I had a brief (unsuccessful) stint playing for the Sydney Kings' junior development squad. Their message was 'DON'T DRIBBLE THE BALL LIKE AN NBA PLAYER BECAUSE THEY ALL CUP THE SIDE OF THE BALL FOR CONTROL/STYLE... THAT IS A CARRY AND YOU WILL GET PENALISED FOR IT!!! THERE IS A BIG GAP BETWEEN THE RULES AND THE SHOW THAT IS PROFESSIONAL SPORT!!!'

    Same here. The rules say one thing, the interests of putting on a good show for fans say another thing.
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      Originally posted by Thirteen View Post

      No doubt he does some good stuff. But when the cameras were nowhere to be seen he could not give up 5 seconds of his day for a photo with 2 kids who were dressed in their cricket gear.

      Ps. Your brother-in-law is so much a better bloke than you
      Talking more rubbish. What was done wasnt done for the cameras.
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        Bellamy doesn't let Melbourne do stuff close to being illegal, he coaches them to do stuff that is very illegal. Look at the Knights player that got binned for tackling like a storm player yesterday.
        Its like grunting in women's tennis its absolute shit and bad for the game yet the governing body refuses to do anything about it. The NRL could simply penalise the Storm every time they grapple the neck or head (and that doesn't cover all their crap) and it would eventually disappear. It would also be a test to see if Bellamy could actually coach prioperly.

        on Smith, while I dislike things he and his team do on the field, I have heard many stories like 13's in that he is a very decent fellow off the field.
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          Choc Mundine is a very nice bloke as well & I used to smoke bongs & shoot up.