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Does Sitili deserve a shot over Gus?

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    Originally posted by Jacks Fur Coat View Post

    I'm sure it was you Thirteen who informed me that, sadly, Rooster6 is not a woman.
    What!? Are you telling me that the little picture to the left of Rooster6 name is not a photo of Rooster6? And I’ve been so nice to him/her all these years!
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      I'm an Angus fan and he deserves seniority over Sitili atm. But I'm also a Sitili fan and think our ability to hold onto him is a real coup. A lot can happen over the next 2 and half years and they both come off contract at the same time, so it will be interesting to see what happens then. Not saying they're necessarily in competition with each other, but it is now clear that signing Gus hasn't meant we lost Sitili.


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        Originally posted by Rooster_6 View Post

        Please, my knowledge on the game wouldn't even register in comparison to Trent Robinson. The bloke is an absolute genius, if you want to know my true affection towards him read my posts circa late 2006 to early 2008 when plenty were suggesting he should be replaced.

        I've been an unapologetic, staunch supporter of his since the day he arrived and will be forever. This has nothing to do with my opinion of Trent Robinson.

        I just think it's an interesting topic that has a few layers to it and I was curious to see what others thought so I could read though different opinions and ideas to evolve my own and to be honest I've really enjoyed everything that's been contributed.

        Truth be told I didn't really have a standpoint on it when I asked the question but I agree with the majority, I think the coaching staff would have a clear plan for him in regards to expanding his role in the team once he's settled and that will come with time so he deserves that opportunity. It also wouldn't be any wiser just to put a rookie in the position either. Like I said my paranoia stems largely from the size of his contract, if he's not playing to his value could his have been put to better use elsewhere in the squad.

        Surely this is what forums are for? To hear different opinions and have enough self awareness to develop or change your own.
        Fir enough. My viewpoint on this is Angus has that little bit more experience than Sitili, whom I believe is best suited to the the team at this point in time coming on as an impact player. Definite starter at some point down the line though.and I think he will get a taste of being a starting player when Origin comes around.
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