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    A quote from Latrells dad about wiedler saying his family is telling him to play for souffs.

    “I don’t even know who started the rumour,” Matt told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    “He’s got a contract with the Roosters and he wants to honour that. His mum and I both love the club and what they’ve done for him so far. Look what the Roosters have done, they’re such a professional organisation. We love his coach [Trent Robinson], he’s a good coach.

    “No one’s even mentioned anything about Souths. I love Souths. That’s the team I barrack for, but I’ve got a soft spot for the Roosters. We love going to games and from the office ladies to the top, they’re all lovely people. He’s comfortable there


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      Weidler, Webster and Hooper really need to find new careers.
      Maybe buy an ice cream truck like their old mate.
      They have all become gutter journos.


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        Originally posted by Thirteen View Post
        Weidler should write for Woman's Weekly. Garbage gutter rubbish journalist.

        You get more scoops on here than you get from this weed.
        I think he applied and knocked back due to his name being to similar to Harvey Weinstein on top of the striking resemblance.


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          Perhaps Danny boy should focus on Cam Smith who had a testimonial last year but is playing on this season and likely play Origin again with special appearance $.i I had to laugh when I saw a hair dyed Smith on a TV show this week. Fortunately when I viewed it there was no audio.