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We really are miles ahead

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  • We really are miles ahead

    Screw karma, I'm just gonna say it...

    I know it's early days but I've seen enough to declare that our best is absolutely miles ahead of the rest.

    As much if not more so than the Storm in 2017.

    A couple of teams I thought would challenge us - the Broncos & Panthers - are pretty trash. Lol @ me. And not "early 2018 Roosters form" kinda bad, where you could see the potential; I mean they're just straight up overrated.

    And despite early results I've seen enough to suggest that the Storm and Souffs have gone backwards. I mean they must have regressed. The Storm lost Slater and Souffs have lost Crichton. Plus GI is done. I really think Souffs will be also rans come finals though I can already sense the refs are going retro with 2014 style leg ups so far.

    Oh and I think our peak this year will be superior to 2018. The addition of O'Brien plus smoother combos leading to increased slickness in attack.

    Plus the addition of Crichton who will only get better. Also our next gen of forwards are a year older and look great and we have great depth in the 3/4s.

    Injuries and desire are our biggest threats in 2019.

    No doubt about it. This Roosters team is shaping up to be our best since 1974/5. And in 12 months time they'll be shooting for Dave Brown & Ray Stehr's teams of '35, '36, '37.
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    Easts definitely are the benchmark, Thursdays game was a ominous warning shot from an understrength outfit that they've still got a few more gears to go.


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      lol Storm have gone backwards.

      Geez that's a dangerous thought after 4 rounds when they're averaging just 10 points conceded per game and sitting atop the table at 4-0.


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        No doubt our attack is humming along nicely in a way it wasn't at this stage of the season last year. And Crichton is an upgrade.

        Two wins with understrength teams augurs well.

        I think our D is not where it should be. Even last week, we only conceded 1 try, but Brisbane bombed a handful. That's a concern.


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          A bit of a stretch to say that we are miles ahead, but especially in the broncos game our attack seems a lot more smooth and unstructured which honestly we didnít have much of in 2018. I think the real game changer in this roosters outfit is Adam o brien. A different attacking style definently will help us push ahead of the rest
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            Originally posted by Rooster_6 View Post
            lol Storm have gone backwards.

            Geez that's a dangerous thought after 4 rounds when they're averaging just 10 points conceded per game and sitting atop the table at 4-0.
            Lol at thinking a team that's just lost the greatest fullback of all time and replaced him with Jahrome Hughes HASN'T gone backwards.

            They're almost always 4-0. Who cares. It's the finals that matter and we CRUSHED them in the GF.

            Since then they've obviously taken a step back and I believe we'll get better.

            Suggesting that the Storm are just as good without Slater would be akin to suggesting that we'll be just as good if Teddy went down. Sheer lunacy.
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              on one of the fox sports shows they said O'Brien has a clause in his contract that he has to do at least 2 years at the chooks before hes allowed to leave


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                Did anyone just witness the Knights-Dragons clash?

                An absolute atrocity of a match between two awful teams. A mirror image of the Panthers-Tigers clash.

                There's at least 10-12 awful sides in the league this year.


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                  way to early to start saying were miles ahead. storm had a bad game and still won, souths were ordinary. do people around here not learn ? hell warriors fans coud've said the same after round 1. we were the form team of round 4 that is all, lets see how we go against understrength cronulla, then melbourne before declaring us premiers in 2019 huh.


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                    Ahh the early crow... Hopefully this isn't quoted in October.

                    As for the dragons knights game.. That's why we flicked Pearce. Terrible game management for the last 25 minutes. Couldn't organise a set. That final possession where he cuts out ponga and passes to fitzgibbon on the was he doing?


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                      I think you might be right, but itís not something I want to talk about


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                        Way too early. Setting yourself up for disappointment if youíre going to get that excited about April form. Leave that to the dragons fans.

                        Youíre way underestimating Bellamy if you think the storm canít get better without Slater. Theyíll be thereabouts and hard to beat as always. Plenty of time for teams like Penrith to get it right too. A team like that only has to stay in touch and peak at the right time to be in with a shot.

                        Having said that, if we have luck with injuries weíre the team to beat no doubt. But thereís a long way to go and a lot that can go wrong.


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                          We are miles ahead of where we were after round 4 last year.

                          That's all that matters.


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                            Fergo's a step ahead... that's hilarious... player kicks a ball and you take possession with 1 foot outside, it's out?

                            I always think that's such a stupid rule how you can catch it and be like 'hahaha it was out because I was out at the start of my jump!!!' Fergo's now gone and made a complete mockery of the rule. Hilarious!!!

                            > "Since coming to the club I had no idea how smart he was as a footballer, I just thought he was about taking hit up after hit up," Moses said of Ferguson.

                            > "What he's brought to the team is unbelievable. He's helping everyone out. He's always positive, brings good energy for us and good vibes."

                            THAT is really interesting...
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                              watching the bulldogs play melbourne today you can pick whats missing from their team, incorrect kicks organised defence, continual players in motion support! weve tgot all that and more