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Cronk's 350 games interview

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  • Cronk's 350 games interview

    It has been mentioned elsewhere but IMO this is worthy of a thread to itself because it was such a classy interview.

    He was super humble, showed massive respect for all those who have helped him and had a couple of laughs along the way. A lot of love there for Smith, Slater, Bellamy and the Storm which I reckon is great. It's like he has no dramas putting them to the sword in a GF, but it's not personal as they are all good mates and respect each other. Whereas, I don't think Pearce (for example) would have it in him to say that about us after all the chances we gave him.

    The entire interview had a human touch about it which was really special IMO. For example when asked if he was gonna get Burgess a massive payback he was like 'eeerm yeah no... I don't run at Sam Burgess because it will hurt my ribs big time... I'm sure he'll hit lots of people really hard, that's just how the game works'. I like how he made it clear that tackles actually hurt and none of it's personal, it's just common sense that a half ain't gonna seek out opportunities to tackle big forwards.

    His realism on Latrell and Crichton was great too... I reckon that kinda attitude will do their careers wonders. Yep they're good and could go anywhere in 12 years time. That will all depend on their attitudes and how seriously they take their footy careers...

    Finally I think a few people have read his decision not to comment on retirement incorrectly. IMO he's not messing people around, he was more like... well my contract expires at the end of the year doesn't it? Right now my focus is on playing good footy. I haven't really thought about retirement yet or discussed it with those who matter, so maybe I'll be more ready to answer that question in 3 months? To me this was totally fair.

    Well done Cronk! 350 Games is massive and we're lucky to have you, mate!

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    One of the better interviews of recent times. He is so likeable. We are lucky to have him.