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    Originally posted by ROC181 View Post

    Iím always amazed how Burgarses broken cheek is always remembered but SKDs broken jaw never gets a mention. Is it because he didnít say anything until after the game so it doesnít count? And whatabout Fergos broken leg? Youíd think a broken leg would be more vital than a broken cheekbone.
    Yeah I was thinking the same. IMO SKD did way better because he hid it rather than making a big drama about it. Fergo was the same, I mean how the fark do you run with a broken leg?!? I saw him get up all wobbly but other than that went home without knowing he'd broken his leg. Guess that's just how it works?

    Sattler? Apparently did something heroic back in the 60's that you'd have to be 70+ to legitimately remeber. I don't.


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      Great doco. Goose bumps stuff. Classy contributions from the Storm guys,.


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        pretty funny seeing Pearcey making a cameo


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          I enjoyed it.
          When you hear Robbo in the interview after the game say that "he has never seen a guy who is a mentally strong as Cooper" & then says "what he went through is legend status in the game" just gives me goose bumps & makes me so thankful for what these guys do for the mighty Roosters.
          "Originally posted by Elvis Rooster"
          So while most of us were getting excited about the start of the season our resident Junkie Jim the Jailbird, the guy who would like to break into your house and steal your tv and toaster, Mickey Lane is at it again. Here is his latest beauty.
          ​"Do you want white or wholemeal toast?"
          I tell you guys this is one sick son of a bitch;