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Ryan Hall recovered?

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    Originally posted by HEGtheROOSTER View Post
    I see Ryan Hall named in the World Club Challenge squad.

    His recovery must be very advanced, because I didnít expect to see him in contention for even the start of the NRL season....
    PR work and a free trip home. Not playing.


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      Originally posted by QWERTY View Post

      Most of the English backs who try their hand at the nrl are usually quite young and inexperienced. Ryan Hall has played many international games for England, won gfs over there, has 300+ games, and seems level headed. He probably has the best chance of breaking the curse with our team, and I hope he does because I see a lot of potential in him.
      To be fair, Sam Tomkins (ironically the same name as a total bong head I went to uni with who looks pretty similar too... probably plays about as good too as he was a fit surfie from the gong) had won 3 SL premierships and played ~200 games before going to New Zulland. IMO his biggest issue is that they sold him as being a $1M a year 'Billy Slater' clone, which he was not.

      What Hall's got going for him is that he's set realistic expectations. For example in an interview he made it clear he was shadowing and LEARNING FROM Bernard Lewis. To me this attitude's gonna earn him a lot of respect because he's just chillng with the squad and learning from them with no expectation of playing NRL (i.e. no sense of entitlement). He'll be named when he's ready which is way better than being named 1st round, playing, looking like a goose and then bailing.

      IMO Burgess' non-selection must have been an attitude thing. He scored some okay tries when I saw him play but when Robbo doesn't pick you, he's telling you there's better options out there. He doesn't seem to say much, he just drops players by not naming them (and instead naming an absolute random in front of them... think Watson for Hastings... 1/2 baked but he played the way Robbo wanted him to). It frustrates me when he does this to somebody like Latrell. However, it got the best outta Latrell, so it works!