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Good riddance Tony Archer!

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    Originally posted by Rooster_6 View Post
    Why anyone would take that job boggles my mind.

    The pay is shit relative to the responsibility of the role in the game. Your days are numbered from day 1. And you undoubtedly come out of the position with a damaged reputation.

    Fans will always whinge about the standard of officiating, I empathise for the next guy or girl who steps into that role.
    He'd be on minimum $500k a year full-time with no active refing duties or direct scrutiny. General whinging about how the game is supposedly softer than the good old days all goes into a black hole and gets ignored.

    TBH it's a bit of a plum job where you get paid a fat salary to advise others without having to do much else. It's a great job for a plodder who'd otherwise be on Centrelink benefits. I'd take it if offered...


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      Originally posted by Tommy Smith View Post
      That bottom feeding flea has been given the flick as referees boss or whatever his self appointed title above Bernie Sutton was.

      What a great day for the game.

      Rugby League is infested with braindead ticks but this self felating turd might well be the worst of them all.

      I honestly could find more good things to say about the Burgess sisters than I do Archer so I couldn't be happier he's gone; even if it's 8 years too late given his hatchet job in the 2010 GF.
      Geez that post made me laugh. Love your work Tommy.

      This is a great day for the game indeed.
      "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

      Thomas Jefferson


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        Originally posted by ism22 View Post
        I'd take it if offered...
        So would I.............................but I'd have buckleys because of my philosophy on what a referees job is.
        I believe they should be there to enforce rules on an equal basis, regardless of the scoreboard or the competetion ladder.
        The nrl believe in game managers and encourage them to influence games.


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          He hasn't been sacked, just moved sideways out of the spotlight where he can do less damage, probably on the same wage.
          The NRL like most malfunctioning buisnesses love wasting money on top heavy management.


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            Was Archer sacked because we won the premiership?