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  • Cordners grubber

    I always thought that from time to time rather than try and stop a grubber kick by trapping it with your foot which then becomes a free for all to go down on it or kick it further in goal, why don't they mix it up a little and instead just kick it as far forward and if our speedy backs are aware that it could happen, they have a lot of chance of winning the race for the ball and who knows and finally it came off last night by chance when Cordners attempt to stop Reynolds grubber, he hit hard enough that the souths players had buckleys chance since they were heading in the wrong direction therefore giving Boyd ample time to pick it up and then give it to Latrell... They should try it more often and if it doesn't come off, well we then have to defend another 6 further up the field but we are used to that...but if it does come off then their defence is all disorganised which like last night Fergo took advantage to get right across and give the ball to Manu. More of that please Robbo.

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    The "trap and scrap" has been very successful for the Roosters all year and they are clearly under coaches instructions. You are now seeing the rest of the NRL teams copying. I completely agree with it, because once the footy is in your in-goal players rarely make it out and you are going to defend another six anyway.

    Another feature of Roosters play this year is the "quick tap" off of penalties rather than kick for touch which has again been really successful for us (and again you see being copied by other teams). Whilst we don't make nearly as many metres in the first tackle as you would from a kick for touch, the element of surprise is catching defences off guard and we have been easily marching up the field and getting a great attacking roll on. This is a rare time when I will give Jake a rap for smart thinking.

    The above also shows that Robbo is a "thought leader" in NRL strategy.
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      Yes Im really liking some different stuff like that short chip and chase by Cronk where Radley was run off the ball by our future backrower... penalty try and 10 in the bin Gus... oh thatís right it wasnít. But back to the new stuff... itís like we are seeing things we havenít seen before or if so not for a long time. It helps if you have someone that has great control with their feet like Cooper.