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Our Secret Weapon?

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    Oops I just posted in the wrong thread.. .My apologies


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      Secret weapon is …………...No malakia before games,Uncle Nick has spoken!
      The world is full of Kings & Queens,who blind your eye's & steal your dreams!


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        I wouldn't call working with Cheika much of a success.
        Embrace the Hate! JC


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          Originally posted by david bill williams View Post
          was listening to roosters radio and heard something interesting from one of the hosts, either silky or bushy who work in the with the roosters say:

          ”i’m happy to report, the roosters have abit of a secret weapon and the secret weapon tells me we’re operating at 50-60% capacity, i tend to agree with that and i think his involvement is the turning point. I can’t say anymore then that but i think his involvement will be the turning point” and he ended it by predicting a big 28-4 win to us this weekend..

          What could he be talking about? Did we bring another attacking coach in this week or something?...

          Interesting to hear

          (skip to last 4 minutes to hear the part i mentioned)


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            Originally posted by David Bill Williams View Post
            I messaged them saying:
            B.C.S.. The Coach Whisperer... My lips are sealed.

            Their reply was:
            A wink emoji and a thumbs up.

            Mystery solved fellas, thats enough detective work for me for the day.
            A choice bit of Sleuthing my good man. Your Roosters geekery has surpassed mortal boundaries and I for one salute you and your (admirably) obsessive Roosters-fetish.

            I’m pumped up for this bizarre, Tony Robbins “believe in yourself, Trent!” vibe. We’ve hit peak-Twilight Zone, people.
            Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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              ‘”Bradley has come across something not many people truly understand or comprehend.The people that open their minds to it and listen will get something incredible and so very special out of it.Truly inspiring!’”

              Michael Maguire
              South Sydney Rugby League First Grade Coach–Client
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              Making Steve Naughton look like Vince Mellars...


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                Steel-cut oats soaked in almond milk every morning?


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                  Can he play dummy half?


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                    The secret weapon in full effect


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                      Originally posted by The Coach View Post

                      what are you loling about you flop? Are you laughing at that player swap rumor you tried to spread on here mid season when we were still coming off losses? I’m still waiting for it to happen mate

                      saw an article today and looks like we have given our coach whisperer a ring, whoever laughed at me earlier in the season for this post can suck on deeeez!!!

                      We are the champs


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                        Article and Interview from the Coach Whisperer and how he helped Robbo win the premiership.



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                          Originally posted by fletch View Post
                          Article and Interview from the Coach Whisperer and how he helped Robbo win the premiership.

                          I'd say Mitch Ross had more to do with the Bunnies winning in 2014 than some wannabe Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes.


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                            What do we do next year, now that the whisper is out?

                            Where's trents bro?