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Nrl title a Marathon, not a Sprint.

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  • Nrl title a Marathon, not a Sprint.

    I and many others have been critical of the Roosters sometimes dull performances this season, mostly deserved, sometimes not as much, however during a break at work today I watched the highlights of last night game, there were very few so I have come to the conclusion that some of these early comp leaders have peaked and have no upside, others building with plenty of upside, my take on this season thus far is

    Sides with plenty of improvement and upside

    The Riff - playing crap and winning, plenty of upside, big danger

    Lol@Souffs - unfortunately they are getting better with plenty of improvement left

    Shiretards - as above
    The Mighty , we have the most upside in the competition in my humble opinion, there are options all across the park, the combos are starting to work, if our forwards to compete and not get dominated in games, we will win most games and be there in the big one.

    The Raiders, started , but this team have the forwards and firepower out wide to go along way, danger if they can get on a roll.

    Peaked but still contenders

    The Merge, have started like a house on fire, playing very well, great forward pack but imo they have peaked, will lose plenty to Origin, fatigue will set in and injuries will happen, still contenders but there is no next gear for the drags.

    Cap Cheats - they have no up or down side, they just play at the same level every week

    Worriers - Peaked, no great depth, I see them falling away like the leaves on a Autumn tree

    Premature Ejaculators

    Knights and Tigers both blew their loads early, works in progress with a long way to go.

    Playing for fun with zero chance

    Parra, promised so much but rubbish
    Tits, try hard just not good enough
    Broncos,out of touch coach, underperforming big name players, young blokes just not ready for 1st grade yet
    Womanly, too much ego and crap within the playing ranks, my tip for spoon
    Dogs- as above
    Cows, aging champions, no speed out wide, no chance

    I think the top 4 contenders are


    we are starting to build nicely, but knowing us we could just as quick drop away

    Bringer of Rain, Embrace the Hate, Freedom for All

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    The merge are in for a big year. They have a lot more scope than the raiders.


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      Can't see lol@souffs lasting the marathon unless the game managers jump on board in a big way.