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Changes to Registration & Login Process Effective Immediately

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  • Changes to Registration & Login Process Effective Immediately

    Hi all,

    I wanted to provide a quick update on the health, spam and mobile plans moving forward for

    Firstly, I seem to get a lot of wraps for what I do here but truth be told the other mods and administrators do an incredible thankless job. It simply wouldn't be fair, nor accurate for me to take responsibility for how the day to day management of posts and spam is controlled here. If you want to pass a long a thanks, direct it in the way of the other admins / mods.

    Spam Management
    This has been causing me (and the other mods / admins) a pretty big annoyance lately. I couldn't work out for the life of me how spam bots were getting through various changes to the anti-spam, stopforumspam, and akismet plugins that run here. The really baffling thing for me was how spam bots were getting through question and answer related anti-spam settings. I'm not prepared yet to say we've gotten to the bottom of it, but it seems like the spam wasn't coming through the site registration form and instead, was coming via Facebook. Atleast, some of the spam users, it seems, were coming via Facebook registrations. As a result I have completely disabled Facebook Login / Registration on this forum. If anybody has previously used Facebook to login here, they may need to re-register the old fashioned way, if you need to that, here is that link:

    Mobile App
    Has not been forgotten about. There's more of a demand for it now than there ever has been. Majority of traffic to this site, is accessed by a mobile device (keeping up with the trend of the internet in general). This is in the pipeline. HTTPS will be revived when this goes live. I don't have an ETA yet, I need to sort some stuff out first. The priority was to fix the spam issue and we'll pay attention to this closely over the next few days.

    Thanks for your continued support, contribution and visitation. Here's hoping the 14 week marriage between Gerard Sutton & The Broncos ends tonight.