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Angus Crichton

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    Originally posted by Darkone View Post
    Gus running metres have dropped about 30% since he moved over....not really an issue

    Defence is where he's improved with less tackles missed & errors minimised

    It's not hard to see where Robbo is taking him & not surprised about the ear bash following the Ponga tries.

    I am patiently waiting for the off loads to come deep into the season......

    Hope he gets one off tonight
    Am hoping I get one off tonight as well.


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      Originally posted by Darkone View Post

      some credence, maybe speak to souths trainers cos to the eye he seems a shadow of his 2017/18 form,

      I mean they sort of stuffed Matto in that regard....he's doing well for the Tigpies
      He wasn't so crash hot last season.


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        You both might be waiting a long time.
        Build the wall. Keep the Drug Lords out!