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  • Hello.
    I'm only posting to remove the trolls name from the main page.

    While I'm here , my name is still Eddie and I support the Roosters.
    Currently recovering from shoulder replacement surgery performed by David Shillingtons brother.
    The days are painful and boring.
    I'm glad the season started when it did, even though we lost.


    • Didn't even know this thread existed. Well I'm just an old boring flog

      Name: Shane
      Age: 52
      Married with 2 beautiful daughters living on acreage on the north Gold Coast.
      Occupation: Investigator
      Hobbies: Guitar, reading, Chooks, Carlton, LFC, Lakers
      First Game: can't remember, although it might have been at Kogarah when I was about 14. Slippery Morris carved us a new one.
      Got engaged on the big screen at SFS back in '98 when we played Auckland and smacked em.
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      Embrace the Hate! JC


      • G'day. MacFloggin is the name and kicking arse is my game. Up Easts.
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        • Originally posted by MacFloggin View Post
          G'day. MacFloggin is the name and kicking arse is my game. Up Easts.
          22/3/2018 to 23/3/2018
          7 quality posts.
          RIP MacFloggin.
          "Originally posted by Elvis Rooster"
          So while most of us were getting excited about the start of the season our resident Junkie Jim the Jailbird, the guy who would like to break into your house and steal your tv and toaster, Mickey Lane is at it again. Here is his latest beauty.
          ​"Do you want white or wholemeal toast?"
          I tell you guys this is one sick son of a bitch;


          • Don't know why MacFloggin and his bro Floggy were banned tbh........

            I knew who Floggy was, an old poster from a bygone era.

            He wasn't Turk......
            Originally posted by tigerstragic1994
            It looked like a light hearted cheap shot, but as a 10+ year Roosters member who attends home games regularly it does make the blood boil