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Chookpen Forum Rules & Regulations

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  • Chookpen Forum Rules & Regulations

    Personal Abuse:
    Personal attacks on any member of The Chookpen will not be tolerated. Any post, which is judged by the moderators to be defamatory, degrading, threatening, humiliating, insulting or hurtful in any way to another member will be edited or deleted at the moderators' discretion.


    Any post which is deemed by the moderators to contain racial, sexual, religious, or any other kind of bigotry, bias, intolerance or hatred will be locked, edited or removed.


    This is an all age site and the posting of either pornography or direct links to it are not allowed. Remember, if it isn't on open view on the shelves of a newsagents, it isn't allowed here either. This ruling also applies to avatars and signatures.

    Agenda Pushing:
    Agenda pushers will not be made welcome. If the staff feels that your posts are inappropriately pushy, or repetitive they will be locked, edited or removed and you will be asked to refrain from further posting on the subject.

    Breaches of any of the above rules are punishable by a maximum ban of 14 days. The actual length of any ban is at the discretion of the moderating/admin team.

    Repeated breaches of the rules will lead to a permanent ban. Before any such ban is implemented a poster will be given a 'final warning'. However, the moderating team reserve the right to impose an instant and permanent ban on members who seriously infringe the above rules.

    The actions and decisions of the mod/admin team are not open for debate or criticism on the main board. Any post that questions or criticizes such decisions will be locked or deleted. If you wish to question such a decision use the PM system.

    Away Fans:
    1st Offence - 7 Day Ban
    2nd Offence - 28 Day Ban
    3rd Offence - Permanent Ban

    Whilst away fans are welcome providing they behave, they will be policed on a stricter basis than Roosters fans, therefore the above rules apply to any offence.

    Duplicate Accounts
    Any user found to have and be using two seperate accounts pretending to be two different people will be banned without notice. This applies to all duplicated accounts that person holds.

    Creation of or use of, a new account to get round any ban:

    When a poster receives a ban all accounts associated with that poster will be suspended for a time equivalent to the posters original ban.
    Any poster allowing their account to be used by a banned/suspended member puts their own account at risk.

    Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

    If you wish to advertise goods or services on The Chookepn we would ask you to contact a member of the Admin team in order to discuss the situation, each case will be assessed on individual basis.

    Legal Notice:
    The Chookpen, its administrators and moderators accept neither responsibility for the contents of the message boards nor any other content on this site that is posted or provided by third parties or members. The Chookpen disclaims all liability for such content to the fullest extent permitted by law. Any material that you have copyright to and want removed from the site will be done so if you contact us. In case of query email chris (@)

    Chookpen Privacy Policy

    Privacy Statement

    The following provides detail about The Chookpen’s Privacy Policy. This policy only applies to The Chookpen’s own web sites. Our site often contains links to other sites that may request additional information from visitors. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other web sites to which we provide links.


    You signify your consent to us collecting and using this information by your use of this web site. Should we elect for any reason to change our Policy, we will notify you of those changes here, so that you are always kept informed of how we collect and use the information, and when we would disclose it.

    Emails & IP Addresses

    Your email address is required for membership of The Chookpen. Administrators may contact you occasionally through this address, regarding site updates for example. You are able to include your email contact as part of your forum profile, which is available to other forum members. The chookpen will hold no responsibility for unsolicited emails that are sent by third parties if you have chosen to include that information in your profile. This further applies to other application data such as MSN addresses, ICQ etc.

    The Chookpen also uses IP addresses to administer our Web site and gather traffic data. Your IP address may be used to gather broad demographic information; however, your address is not used in any way that would identify you personally. Only the moderators of The are able to view this information.

    Members of The Chookpen are requested to not post personal information, such as email addresses, about themselves or others on the message board. Where such incidents occur The Chookpen will strive to remove such information as quickly as possible and take action against people, whilst accepting no liability for third party posting.

    Data Sharing

    The Chookpen will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information except when we have your permission to do so, or when required by law. This section describes some of the ways that your information may be disclosed without consent, though this is not a definitive list.

    When we are required to do so by law.

    When an individual is believed to be in extreme risk e.g. disclosure of sexual abuse, threats of suicide.

    When disclosing this information is necessary to identify someone who may be violating our terms of service or our copyright.


    We welcome your questions and comments about privacy issues and the design of our web site. Should you have such comments or have a complaint about how we are using your personal data, please contact the Administrators through the Personal Messaging system.