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    The cause of all our problems an yet we concentrate on adlib footy

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    That's because we have an idiot for a coach. Time for Smith to go and get someone that WILL coach the team and get them fit and get some structure in their play.
    Pauline Robinson from the "Wall".


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      When you make pad Thai look like a superstar then you know things are grim.


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        Defence , fitness and DISCIPLINE I don't think it's spoke of at training by the looks of things... Players should be pretty much scared about giving away penalties and drop balls they need to be punished at training for dropping balls, when I was playing and at training every single time there was a dropped ball at traing our coach would instantly make the whole team drop everything and run a lap of the field, and it actually worked because everyone would concentrate on making sure you pass the ball to the chest and everyone had there hands up ready to catch the ball and it then showed on the field game day