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    Originally posted by The Real King View Post
    Yes, he has been very good, but before I move him into amazing or sensational he needs to do it for the full year. Angus and Terrell I would call amazing and sensational.
    Connor, I don't know, he just hasn't done it for a long period. I get the feeling the opposition is going to work out very soon that he never passes the ball.
    Just my opinion, I have been wrong before.
    There’s only a few games left before finals so considering he played well in 2022 and missed all of 2023 he had been great.
    This is Terrell’s first dominant season which isn’t finished yet and Angus 1st for a while
    Conner has been great keeping an $800k hooker on the bench for half the game and rads to 2nd row and pulling an origin jumper which very little predicted at the start of the year


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      Originally posted by The Lip View Post

      Oh and it's got the ball players ball playing and the backs getting earlier ball. Who would have thought that might work?
      Yeah it only took the boys nearly 2 seasons to figure it out but at least we are there now.


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        He's been a great purchase since we got him relatively cheap, didn't we? Has gone from an injury prone utility to a starting lock forward that gets picked as the NSW utility, not bad at all!