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Rugby League Summertime

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  • Rugby League Summertime

    Anyone watch it tonight? I guess it was good to hear from a couple of the players and the coach again. It was interesting to hear what Noyce had to say though a lot of it was just recycled same old.

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    I don't know whether I should be worrying about Freddies comments or whether he has just learnt off one of the best in Phil Gould.

    FOXSPORTS: So what are you doing about becoming this great team you speak of?

    Freddie: Ummm I dunno, just hoping it happens I guess.

    Freddie seems to be a great manager of men but unless he is just keeping his cards close to his chest I'm hoping he has some good coaches around him because some of his comments were a bit worrying.

    Anasta nominated Ahern as the kid to watch in 09 which is a pretty big rap, they had one of the swans blokes down there kicking balls to them and Matty Johns was bouncing around with a big grin on his face.

    Mason said that he felt after origin he really struggled and that some of the senior players really struggled.

    Noyce said he was really excited about one of the roles the club had given him in finding new streams of revenue.


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      I saw a bit, but I had family over. I will watch it tomorrow morning.


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        I really enjoyed it & am dying for the 2009 season the start!!

        I thought that Freddy just looked really relaxed & that's the way he interviewed..


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          same i thought it was good!
          cant wait for next year


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            Enjoyed it. I recorded it so I can get a 'fix' when the longing for next season starts to get out of control.