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Last round before the finals - All the games at the same time?

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  • Last round before the finals - All the games at the same time?

    In the English Premier League, everyone plays each other at the same time so it is fair. If they didn't, a side could win/lose while preventing/allowing another to win.
    I know you'll immediatly think that is impossible for the NRL, but Fox Sports has technology where you can choose any of 10 games at the same time. That could be a system. The AFL have 5 at the same time but not all the games in the round. Certainly the games that effect the top teams should be at the same time but the ones that don't effect the top teams eg 13th v 16th you could have at a different time.

    What do you think about this?
    Yes of course
    Yes but I don't think we'd have the technology
    Yes but only the ones that affect the top sides
    No that's too confusing

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    i dont think it will ever happen, even with viewers choice trying to crew 8 games at once would be a massive stretch. its hard enough sometimes to do four


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      Seems pretty stupid tbh.


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        Originally posted by GYR View Post
        Seems pretty stupid tbh.
        Why so???

        it would mean that a team would play to win in the last round regardless of other results.

        currently, a situation can occur where the team playing the last game of the weekend may not need to win inorder to make the finals because of a previous result assisting them.

        Where as, if all teams played at the same time, it would mean taht all teams playing would have to play to win, basically meaning that teams would need to play whats infront of them rather than play the results.

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          That's what they do in the NFL and I think it's a great idea.

          They could be at different times; 1PM, 3PM and 5PM.