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Channel 7 journo Josh Massoud ‘threatened to slit colleague’s throat’

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  • Channel 7 journo Josh Massoud ‘threatened to slit colleague’s throat’

    SEVEN Network sports reporter Josh Massoud has been suspended from the channel after it’s claimed he made a violent threat against a cub reporter in an interstate affiliate newsroom.
    Massoud, a rugby league specialist, was yesterday called to an off-site meeting between Seven HR representatives and Seven’s Sydney News Director Jason Morrison.
    He was promptly stood down pending an internal investigation into claims he threatened a 21-year-old reporter who accidentally broke an embargo on a Todd Carney story slated to go to air on the network on Tuesday night.
    The story related to North Queensland player Carney’s plans to transfer back to a Sydney club to be closer to his ailing mother.
    The young Queensland reporter is understood to have spotted the story on an early news rundown and then unknowingly published it on his social media account.
    The dispute came about over a story on North Queensland player Todd Carney.
    When Massoud discovered the rookie’s error, he rang the Queensland-based reporter — believe to be on staff at Seven’s Brisbane newsroom — and allegedly threatened to “slit” his throat and “s*** down” his neck, sources have told The Telegraph.
    Morrison did not return this newspaper’s calls today.

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    A bit late...
    I didn't know about this.
    Massoud is lowlife scum...
    Originally posted by The Axe View Post
    Very easy to understand Zac so I'll spell it out. Bondi Boy wants Menzies to reincarnate and run the labour party.
    Meanwhile ISM is out looking for Harold Holt and a dingo with a snorkel an digging holes in Griffith wearing an Al Grassby tie


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      He's been sacked. Good job.
      To our fans we tell you
      If you have not been told
      We play this game for all of us
      We play it from the soul!

      (Jack Gibson, 2002)