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RIP News Ltd via Outline

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  • RIP News Ltd via Outline

    It seems that News Ltd has blocked Outline from republishing their articles.

    They had the largest league coverage , whether it was the best it was comprehensive.

    Will stick to the free ones for now. Will probably save me an hours worth of reading a day. Thatís a good thing.
    Get out of the way, I'm next

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    Jeez I hate that organisation
    Written and published on behalf of the Liberal Party, Queensland


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      Just tried and it doesnít work. Would have threatened outline legally to block their URL

      typical big business. Oh well, other media outlets offer greater value outside of MSM
      Written and published on behalf of the Liberal Party, Queensland


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        axe i ditto those comments they also want to run our country for their profit, the owner is not even australian but he tried to kill our rugby league for his own profit, the ill feeling lives on!


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          Originally posted by The Axe View Post
          Jeez I hate that organisation
          Not sure if youíve read this.. quite in-depth.

          over 3 parts and free via NY Times if you donít exceed their 4 article limit


          Murdoch and his children have toppled governments on two continents and destabilized the most important democracy on Earth. What do they want?
          Get out of the way, I'm next


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            Pure evil

            no coincidence Turnbull replaced whilst Merlock in country. Not even an Australian yet we let him in, together with his influence

            wont buy fox, wonít buy his shit papers
            Written and published on behalf of the Liberal Party, Queensland


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              neither do I axe, thqats the reason i dont have foxtel and the nrl on it, have done previously but nolonger i have cable tv on optus fetch tv , pity no nrl


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                'News Corp has flagged Foxtel price hikes and cuts to spending on 'non-marquee sports' after the pay TV company posted a steep loss [$417 million] in 2018.'



                What does this mean for the NRL?

                Also, does it link up with the politics of the day? In 2007 we saw Rudd going out of his way to meet Rupert. This time around, Bill not only refused to meet the guy, he used an attack on News Ltd's 'gotcha shyte' as one of his biggest, most personal lines of the campaign.

                My thoughts:
                - Fox is no longer a premium product in the age of the internet and I mean... why would I pay for right-wing propaganda?
                - Like what Napster did to the music industry's dominance... the internet has provided other ways of watching your footy without Rupert.
                - Be interesting to see how much longer the NRL is reliant on News Ltd. Hopefully not a lot longer until we can be rid of it and just have the fukking footy again!!!


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                  playing the devil's advocate here.
                  A company (not matter how disgraceful) spends money on rights and pays journalists to produce articles is not happy that another company republishes their articles without payment and profits from it via advertising. Sounds like a case of people being upset they can't get stuff for free
                  The Internet is a place for posting silly things
                  Try and be serious and you will look stupid