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  • Brad Walter's Love Of Souths

    Came across this email today - thought the writer made some good points.

    Hi Brad

    I refer to your 'Sin Bin' column this morning and your piece titled 'Rabbits set TV records'. For anyone unfamiliar with your career, they could be forgiven for thinking that you were writing on behalf of the South Sydney Football Club, rather than as an independent journalist. I know how for years you have faced numerous accusations of writing favourable articles towards this particular club, its owner and management, but I had always felt that this criticism was quite unfair.

    Yes, your coverage of the Greg Inglis initial signing with Souths was perceived by most as lacking objectivity and one could argue that you write about Russell Crowe as if he split the atom, but some of the other criticism I have heard by many regarding your overly favourable treatment of Souths has been somewhat over the top.

    However, after reading your column today I thought I was listening to Karl Rove explain to his Fox News audience why Mitt Romney could still win Ohio, after his own network had declared the state for Barack Obama. One can certainly take any set of statistics and paint varying pictures with them, but your conclusions today make Rove look like a non-partisan.

    1. Souths v Storm: Highest audience (379,319) for any pay-TV program this year:

    Two unbeaten teams after five rounds (first and second favourites for this years competition) face off in a sport which is Australian pay-TV's most popular. Melbourne Storm team features some of the greatest players ever to play the game and were are on the verge of their 14th consecutive win. Shock, horror - highest pay-TV audience of the year.! Do you really think that if any of Brisbane, Dragons, Bulldogs, Roosters, Tigers or Parramatta had won their first five games of the season and were playing Melbourne in these same circumstances that the pay-TV audience wouldn't at least have been 380,000?

    2. Bulldogs v Souths: Biggest attendance (51,686) for a regular-season stand-alone match since the NRL began in 1998

    You can not be serious? It was a Bulldogs home game and they provided a greater percentage of the fans who attended, but somehow 'Sin Bin' sees this as proof of Souths popularity.
    3. Roosters v Souths: Most Sydney viewers recorded for a season opener since the OzTAM panel was introduced in 2001.
    Are you aware why Channel Nine wanted this to be the season opener? Have you heard of Sonny Bill Williams? Was he not the driving factor in the lead-up to this game? I'm sure he plays for a team other than South Sydney!
    Finally, you lament the fight Souths had to go through to be reinstated into the NRL in 2000 given how popular you believe they are. Maybe if you had been their spokesman at the time they may have avoided such a fight. Having only won 59 of the 224 matches they played in the ten years prior to their removal, and averaged only 9,072 fans at their home games in the same period, maybe you could have put the type of spin on those figures as you have with the ones you have tossed up today to justify their position amongst the 14 teams that would eventually contest the 2000 premiership.

    I know it is hard to believe but the entire league world is not in love with South Sydney and do not consider them to be 'the pride of the league'. I'm also sure that most don't feel that the 'game is strongest when Souths is strong'. Given Souths haven't won a competition since 1971, and appeared only twice in the finals since 1989, it is blatantly false for anyone to promote that myth.

    I will continue to defend you amongst all those who feel your bias toward Souths borders on outrageous, but Brad it does get hard when they have evidence such as today's column to throw in my face.

    Best regards

    Reginald Perrin

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    Hello Newman!

    How do you come across these private emails?


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      Sour grapes i think.

      1)i think the match was so highy watched because it was in melb so alot less access to it than if it was played in sydney, i dont think roosters broncos or manly would of recorded the same viewing figures.

      2)when we played the dogs the crowd was said to be 22000, hardly a good crowd after weeks of promoting sbw v dogs, when souths and saints are doing well, the closet supporters all come out, souths are doing well it just means more upset supporters when the drop out.


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        Reginald Perrin? That's Reggie the rabbit!! Bagging the shit out of his own team.
        Embrace the Hate! JC


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          You wouldn't also go by the name Georgie, would you?


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            There should be a section in this forum dedicated to loling @souffs .
            Comment of the year:

            Andrew Johns, Semi-Final vs North Queensland ,

            "It's touched Lui's hand and travelled forward but that's not a knock on"


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              How many of the people watching Souths were there on Rusty's free tickets?

              Much like the turnstile spinning at the SFS, the crowd numbers are unnaturally inflated by outside influence.
              SUPER DRAGON!