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  • Gift card pop up scam ads

    hey guys

    the infamous amazon gift card pop up scam ad has made its way to this site.

    need to contact your ad servers and get them to remove it

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    I love a good scam ad.
    Educate me what is the infamous amazon gift card pop up scam ad?


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      Pops up on mobiles exclusively. Webpage redirects to a new page, and displays a message claiming you've "won" a $1000 gift card to somewhere - usually amazon, itunes, or walmart. Morons click through and get asked to hand over their details.

      Its extremely common in the US (where I am) and gets fed through the scammers buying space from ad servers.

      The only way to fix it is for admin of the chookpen to contact the company hosting this site and inform them about it so the advertiser can be weeded out


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        Danish, I am terribly sorry to hijack your thread, but I just couldn't find a more appropriate place to request help for my predicament. I just went to start a thread showing a couple of pictures that I just took, but as with most things on this site, I am restricted from doing that and almost everything else. I can't start a thread, I can't quote anybody, I can't use paragraphs or any text separation, I can only use the 'page X of X' button at the top of each page. Nothing else registers when I click on it. I have searched for help on this site, to no avail, and I can't find any link where I could contact the site owners. It is not a computer problem and I have been registered on this site since 2007 (under a different name until a few years ago). I have had this problem for years but I never worried about it as I used to hardly ever post. People will justly start getting annoyed at my posts being just one long paragraph, plus the way that I currently have to directly address people rather than quoting them. Can somebody please help me and/or point me in the right direction? Thank you. Sorry again Danish.


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          Hi guys, is this still occuring? I can't seem to encounter it.