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Pls Guys Fix Error!!!!

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  • Pls Guys Fix Error!!!!

    Chris we are still having major probs with the Android App and have had these all year. I have posted this before, as have others and have had no response.
    We can no longer use the App due to

    Error with api signature

    I have deleted the App and reinstalled countless times with no change. Can you pls advise if this is fixable or whether we just give the App a miss.
    Embrace the Hate! JC

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    The forum hasnt been updated for 18 months, i wouldnt count on this getting fixed.


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      So is this why we are getting the error Kegs? Coz the App was working perfectly originally. For a long time.

      Are you saying there was an upgrade to the site and now the App is no longer compatible? And the site needs a further upgrade?
      Embrace the Hate! JC


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        Its frustrating the chookpen app has shat itself cos you could use it just like a computer.

        But if you still want to use your phone, just type "the chookpen" into Google on your phone and you should get the basic version up, you can see all the threads and reply, but you can't add videos and pics.

        I have used it ever since the other one crapped out. Im on a Samsung 4.


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          I bnolonger use the android app, just log on at home now