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Is there a way to get the correct date format?

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  • Is there a way to get the correct date format?

    The american date format is super confusing but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the settings that changes this to the correct DDMMYYYY

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    Computer says “no”!
    Originally posted by Andrew Walker;n907331
    Another imbecile who is mentally and intellectually beneath myself in every imaginable level.


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      I dunno about the date format but what about the sanity of the nation format with that fool of fools Abbott in Taiwan rabbiting on about "the drums of war". On a "private visit", oh yeah! What we've dumbed our way into is rule by a religious Right, Catholic and Evangelical, who, over the past 30 years have found common cause in Right Wing parties. The new bloke Perrotet is a prime example - 6 kids, well off of course, a member of Opus Dei (A Fascist Catholic outfit relic of Franco's Spain) and the architect of iCare, the attempt to run Workers' Comp as a for profit business model.
      Like sheep the majority of us are led to revile the Taliban but we are looking at something very similar, the prospect of rule according to "Christian" morality which is mightily offended by Communism's Atheism not to mention, one would assume, it's social fairness.
      A while back, some twit on here agreed with Jaxie that we should keep China "on a short leash", WTF! That 18 carat dope Abbott is presumably of a similar mindset as is the Pentecostal lightweight who "leads" us. People like him believe in the Rapture, the End of Days and we reelect them at our peril.