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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Global Pandemic

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  • Coronavirus / Covid-19 Global Pandemic

    In Britain there were 700 deaths from the virus yesterday.
    In America there were 1,700 deaths from the virus yesterday.

    So what are people doing in America?
    Having Covid-19 parties!
    You can call them BYOC parties. That’s bring your own COVID-19.

    Health officials in Walla Walla, Washington, are admonishing the sudden rise in so-called “COVID-19 parties” where non-infected guests mingle with those who have tested positive for the virus, ostensibly in hopes of speeding up the process of catching, and overcoming, the virus.


    Walla Walla needs a Nulla Nulla to knock some sense into people.

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    US currently sits 9th on the deaths/1,000,000. hard to see how they won't climb higher.

    Coronavirus deaths per capita were highest in Belgium, topping a list of 172 countries worldwide.


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      Originally posted by zac View Post
      US currently sits 9th on the deaths/1,000,000. hard to see how they won't climb higher.
      Not sure what they're doing in Belgium, but in Sweden they did not impose a lockdown, instead "aiming at building a broad-base of immunity while protecting at-risk groups like the elderly." 'Herd immunity'..."allowing
      some exposure to the virus in order to build immunity among the general population."
      Big problem with that policy:
      Population: 10.2million Sweden
      Deaths: 2,355. ( at 28/4)
      Everything stayed open ...and people 20+ times the rate of in Australia...with Australia having a population 2.5 times that of Sweden.


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        O, oh!

        Man flew into Brisbane from overseas.
        Was put in quarantine for 14 days.
        All good.

        After 14 days was released from quarantine, was not tested, caught a flight from Bris to Sydney on a QF flight, now has tested positive to the virus, any contacts are being sought.
        All bad.

        Obviously 14 days are not long enough in quarantine.


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          "Honestly, the corona virus isn't killing men fast enough"- Clementine Ford

          11:33 PM - 22 May 2020